Procgen in Burning Knight: what's different?

A few super simple examples, as seen in debug mode.

Hey, so I know that these days all of roguelikes have "amazing procgen" listed on their feature list as if they brought something new to the table. And I know how annoying it is to find out, that all that they did, was just taking the Isaac way. 


This is not the case with Burning Knight. In fact, procgen in bk is so complex, that I had to write a huge blog post about just that!

Good procgen takes a lot of time and effort to develop. Sadly, there is no magic alg, that just makes cool unique dungeons for you all the time, but that didn't stop me.

I hope you will enjoy dungeons in this game as much as I do, I can literally spend hours just exploring cool dungeons in debug view.

Take care!

Even the floors (I bet you did not notice) are randomly generated, and combined with wall layout this creates stunning effects! Here is a single floor alg, that generates chess-like floor!

Ok, here, have a cool shopkeeper, that loves soap:

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