Frozen Library update

Frozen Libary Update The development of the game is getting to its end :) I’ve just finished the final area, and at this point, very little of the content is left to add. Looking forward to releasing the game soon! Stay tuned for that!


  • New biome: Secret Library
  • New biome: Frozen Ruins
  • New enemies
  • New items
  • Teleporters
  • New achievements
  • Added sensitivity settings for the gamepad axis
  • Added floor brightness slider
  • A bunch of new loading screen tips
  • Glass chest
  • Mana system
  • Lava
  • Healing item stands
  • Melee weapons are now affected by projectile modifiers
  • Introduced level variants
  • Reworked projectile damage logic
  • Sand and snow!
  • Asset loading progress bar


  • Scourges were nerfed
  • Improved gamepad input
  • Fixed Elon The Wizard allowing you to stack scourges

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