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Burning Knight

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Genies! Goblins! Crazy weapons! Explore sinister dungeons alone, or online with friends! Figure out the mystery of the ancient lamp in a huge and detailed generated world, grab as many guns and weird magic weapons as you can, and run!

Rexcellent Discord Server

  • Online and local multiplayer! Play together with your friends, or fight them!
  • Breathtaking procedural generated dungeons!
  • Crazy item combos!
  • Tons and tons of cryptic secrets!
  • We've been told that music is nice!

And all of that with tons of explosions and particles, as well as a deep deep story about royal family issues.
By the way, the game has rich modding API out of the box! That means even more content ;D

The game is not released yet. If you want to hear, when it will be released, you can subscribe to the mailing list.

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