​ Boss Update

Bosses, new items, enemies, NPC's and... sound effects!

It's been quite a while since the last major beta update, but I wasn't doing anything, so this update brings in a ton of new stuff! In fact, it's so much, that I probably forgot to mention half of it in this changelog :D


* A lot of lore elements and hints
* A ton of fresh and juicy sound effects!!!
* Two brand new bosses!
* Granny room
* Dark mage room
* New minigame with Maanex
* NPC's now have voices!
* Room rewards
* Control hints now show cool icons
* New enemies
* New items
* New pets
* Implemented and added buffs!
* Player now has stats like damage, speed, and range
* Introduced vertical rooms
* Chests!
* A bunch of achievements, that actually work!
* Discord RPC!
* Cloud save!!!!
* Projectiles are now animated when dying
* Rocks and metal tiles (they rock!)
* Item pool editor
* Introduced new item type, consumable artifact


* Improved the coin and key animations by a lot!
* Big changes to the collision system
* Burning Knight (the knight, not the game) got an awesome new shader :D
* Camera now follows the room center slightly, if it has any enemies in it
* Balanced a lot of items
* Projectiles are now way more juicy and pretty!
* Screenshake was improved
* Dialog boxes are now black
* Game boot up was improved a lot in terms of audio
* Rooms are now bigger
* Connection rooms now appear not so often


* Fixed aiming and bullets spawning from the wrong place
* Fixed master volume not affecting some sound effects
* Fixed voodoo doll being able to kill bosses
* Fixed D4 not working correctly
* Fire particle performance was improved
* Fixed player dying while descending
* Fixed being able to put items on item stands
* You now can enter a seed from gamepad
* Added a way to exit the game :eyes:
* Fixed hearts and coins being super rare
* Improved gamepad support
* Fixed item saving issues
* Fixed game crashing if you press any key while it's loading
* A lot of fixes to the saving system
* (there way too many fixes to list them all, so I've listed only the most important ones)

Anyway, this update is playable in our discord, if you want to give it a go :D Next update will bring the jungle area to the game, and it should happen relatively soon :)

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