Sand & Oil update

It's time for another content update for the open beta! If you want to test it our yourself, hop onto our discord for a build!


* New biome: desert!
* 6 new desert enemies!
* New items:
+ Button (tmp name)
+ Sharp arrow
+ Ninjia bomb
+ Laser aim (WIP)
+ Can
+ Bomb shower
+ Crying bomb
+ Bomb pack
+ Black belt
+ Matches
* Cheat window
* You now can hover your items to see their names and descriptions (wip ui)
* Crash reports are now dumped into crashes.txt
* Pico8 :eyes:


* Resprited baby slime
* Most of the ui was moved into the top left corner to make it more visible
* Replaced dagger with sword in the tutorial
* Now you can play golf with your bullets
* Items in secret rooms wont emit light anymore
* Bombs now collide with each other
* BK tells you, that there will be a boss battle
* Secret room marks are much more visible now
* Bomb item now has a separate sprite
* Buffed the shop keeper
* Crash reports will be also saved to the log file now
* First treasure room is now always open
* Updated the tutorial control explanation
* Console was removed from the build
* Turrets in the tutorial are now hidden


* Fixed items appearing the second time
* Cage door is not explodable anymore
* Fixed spectacles crashing the game
* Fixed bomb pack crashing the game
* Fixed ui banner displaying wrong depth
* Removed boss healthbar
* Fixed taking a disk from the gramophone overriding your weapon
* Level door is not explodable anymore

That's about it! See you soon in the halloween update!

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