Spooky Emeralds update is out!

I'm really happy to announce, that the major Autumn update is here! Featuring all sorts of cool new stuff, including:

* Local Co-op
* A month-long Halloween event
* A new secret area !
* New items
* New enemies
* New paintings!
* Even more new hats to choose from!
* A lot of items were rebalanced
* A lot of bug fixes, including:
+ Fashion Matters & Collector achievements bugging out
+ Weird graphical effects with flash setting off
+ Pass item spawning in the heart room
+ Breakable walls spawning in special rooms

And much more! I hope you will enjoy the update, have fun!


bk-windows.zip 166 MB
Version 24 Oct 03, 2020
bk-linux.zip 174 MB
Version 24 Oct 03, 2020

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