C# port, both amazing and sad news


The game is being ported to C#, it will be released on consoles too, local coop (and maybe online) will be added, as well as twitch integration and mod support out of the box.

Long story short


So, the original game was written in Java, but that was really limiting, and some implementation details were pretty meh. So why stick to java, that doesn't allow us to run the game on consoles? So now we are porting the game to C#, and sadly, that means we will have to delay the release date, but on the other side, it's a really positive change, because:

  • Burning Knight will run on consoles!
  • Local coop (and if all goes well, online) out of the box!
  • Twitch integration out of the box!
  • Mod support out of the box!
  • Cleaner code (yay!)

So yeah, I apologize for the delays incoming, I would love to release the game as fast as possible, but because I'm a solo programmer in this project, things can take a lot of time sometimes, so please be patient :)

If you would like to learn more about the porting process and other small details, I wrote a whole blogpost about that.

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Does that mean you are switching to a game engine like the Godot Engine?


I'm switching to monogame, godot is not stable by any means, and it's main flaw, is that it's authors did not really write any games with it :x

Plus, monogame is super close to libgdx (the library, that java edition uses), so thats really nice.


Thanks for the info.  I plan to use Godot in the future and have been constantly waiting for 3.1 stable release with C# support.