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Burning Knight

Green dumbo stumbles upon a spooky dungeon and descends into it, griefing and stealing everything, that he sees... · By egordorichev


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Small update to the demo is live
Hey! I just wanted to let you know, that I’ve uploaded a small demo update. It includes: Some new sfx! Top 3 runs are now recorded and are displayed in the hu...
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The demo is live!
Hey! I just wanted to quickly let you know, that Burning Knight demo is finally available on itch! It includes the first two areas of the game and a looooot of...
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Frozen Library update
Frozen Libary Update The development of the game is getting to its end :) I’ve just finished the final area, and at this point, very little of the content is...
Overscope update
ADDED New biome: Jungle! New jungle enemies New boss: Queen Bee! Scourges! Scourge tokens Scourged items Scourge points BK constantly fires with lvl 10+ scourge...
​ Boss Update
Bosses, new items, enemies, NPC's and... sound effects! It's been quite a while since the last major beta update, but I wasn't doing anything, so this update br...
Bug & Feedback update
Guess what? The first update from the roadmap is already here! If you want to test it our yourself, hop onto our discord for a build! In this build: ADDED: *...
Sand & Oil update
It's time for another content update for the open beta! If you want to test it our yourself, hop onto our discord for a build! ADDED: * New biome: desert! *...
The development roadmap
Hey guys, Egor here. Remember that post from December 2018 , where I talked about development plans for Burning Knight? Well, I was right about one thing for s...