Your mind is slowly being taken over by the darkness.

Protect the last remaining pieces of your consciousness, light up fires, collect resources, recover memories.

What do dying consciousness see? The much-speculated light at the end of the tunnel or something similar to the scenes from “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”?

How the consciousness conceives the worlds of the loved ones if you had argued before the irreversible has occurred?

We do not know the truth. Our hero woke up in the spot of light, in the empty space. But the saving lamp will die out soon. He recalls the words of his dears, but their meaning slowly disappears. Only the lines of books of the author he loved stay with him. He will keep the fire burning and search for artifacts to bring back the common language with the people he loved and accept his own death


Warning! Danger eminent! You can read this tutorial or mess around and figure it out all by yourself. 

Move - WASD or D-pad/Left joystick

Pick up/Drop objects -  E/F on keyboard or A on your controller 

Use objects - Space on your keyboard or B on your controller

Gather sticks to one spot, you need 3 of them to make a campfire! 

Light up your campfire with your lamp!

Add sticks to campfires to support fire! You can make your lamp shine brighter by sacrificing some seeds. 

Use your shovel to dig holes or to find water! Water can be found underneath grassy sand. 

Plant seeds into holes you've dug.

Fill up your watering can with water you've found and water seeds. 

After watering them plants need to have a light source nearby to grow. 

You can tear a plant apart and get some seeds and sticks. But wait! Plants can oppose darkness!

Beware of crows! They like shiny things

Beware of darkness! It constantly grows to conquer you. 

Redeem your memories by finding corresponding items. 

How can you win? We don't know.

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GenreAdventure, Survival
TagsHorror, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 50
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