This is a game prototype, Isaac demake in pico-8, made for the FC jam #2. It's not a complete, balanced, full of content game, because of pico-8 token limit and time limit.

It's still a pretty fun game with 7 bosses.


  • X - Use active item
  • Z/C - Fire a tear
  • Tab - Toggle stats display
  • Q - Place a bomb


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this is sooo good! but i have some things to say. first when i go to the first boss is wrath and accidentally my mouse stoppped working and wrath come to me and throw me a bomb when i in the exit of the room and he gets stuck there. and other thing. ¿in this game exists items or just the coins, bombs and keys are for nothing? (whithout trying to say any bad thing) but this is good and cool



Thank you :)