Rythm is Lava is a game made for ludum dare 41. The theme was "Mix two not-mixable genres", but I've mixed four: RPG, puzzle, platformer and rhythm. 

Solve puzzles. Sounds too easy? Well, you control two chars at the same time. Or sometimes more. Still too easy? Well, they kill each other on touch! Not easy enough? 



Good luck beating it ;) If you ever manage to do that (doable under 3 minutes, but that's using shortcuts), please let me know on my twitter (@egordorichev).

Have fun!

*btw, the name is not misspelled, its made on purpose ;) 


  • X - Restart the level
  • C/Z - Toggle speed run info
  • Arrows - Move

I would recommend playing binary version of the game, because it runs smoother.


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i kinda found a bug i had 7 characters on my screen i don't know how i did it though

In what room?

i was going really fast between rooms i went to shop from there another and it strated to multiply characters


Sometimes it was pretty hard to keep track of all the involved characters and of the lava at the same time, but hey, that's exactly the point of your game! The challenge was super neat and I liked to figure out 'faster' solutions for each level, though I doubt I found all shortcuts. :) All in all, it's a great little Ludum Dare 41 entry, which I happily recommended in one of our compilation articles about the jam, along with two other games made in PICO-8. <3 Of course it's also featured in the related gameplay video. :) Keep it up!

Best wishes,


Thanks for playing :D 


Congrats on squeezing all this into an LDJAM entry Egor!
I have to confess, I kept dying after about level 6 or so.
But you've clearly thought about the level design,
and the gfx are great (epecially the LAVA!)
Congrats & good luck! :D

Thanks, Paul! Level design seems my biggest problem, I've been thinking, that the game was too easy, but nope :/

wow! well done

I really enjoyed it!

Solid game, level design is pretty excellent.  Nice job!


How do you create the background art? Do you actually use make it by hand, or is it generated using algorithms. 

I wrote a math function that produces this effect. It uses only cos and sin. x, y and time are the inputs. Output is the color.


A nice blend of the multiple genres into something that actually works really well :)


Once again your pixel art is amazing. Teach me da way pls.

I might shot a short tutorial on that one day ;) And thanks for playing :D


Very nice game! The art are beautifull and you learnd lot of thing to me with your Twitch stream

Thanks a bunch for your ideas too ;)


It's just some idea ^^' It's you who made this amazing game ^^


Always a pleasure to play to your new games, this one is good as always, even if it's quite hard for someone like me :p


Thanks, I've added difficulty levels for ya ;)


This is obviously the best game that ever existed and nothing will ever surpass it.

Thanks, Roy ;D


I want to spend more time to play this, but I loved what I saw thus far!


Thanks for playing :D