Do you remember old planet generator doodle? I sad, that I will update it, add lighting and better texture. And here it is! Planet generator v2!

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to make a weird yellow planet follow these steps: Temperature-Hot Size-Small Humidity-Wet Vegetation-None


to make a venus like planet

temp: super hot

others: none

damn! is now possible to save the planets to use them ?

Sorry mate, not really :(


Superb !! Awesome work, taking into account the harsh limitations of this machine !


Is it possible to save the planet?

Srry, not in the current version.


I love this.  This is fantastically fun.


Thanks a lot :D



I don't get it.

Thanks ;) What you did not get?


For example, how each of the parameters effects the planet's look, and what is the meaning of these maps that appear before the planet does..

(But honestly, it was just an ironic comment)


So, that texture, that appear before the planet, is the actual surface, that is being generated. It is wrapped around the planet after.

Size affects, how small objects on surface are.

Vegetation affects amount of green on some planets.

Temperature affects planet size. Try to set it to SUPER HOT :D

Humidity affects amount of water.

That's all ;)


Awesome!  What license do you release your source code under for the patreon?

You free to reuse it/modify! Just don't show it to not patrons :)


Looks cool

Thanks :D