This is a Celeste-inspired 2d exploration platformer, where you play as a guy, who found his self in a strange, mysterious world. He attempts to find his way back, to his world and recover the past. Collect strawberries, fight monsters, avoid spikes, solve puzzles.

The game was written in 48 hours during the Ludum Dare 40 game jam.

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He loves strawberries

The game is written using tiny fantasy console, called PICO-8. It limits you to use 16 color palette, 128x128px screen, 128x64px sprite space, 128x64 tiles map. I really enjoy using it, tho it is really limiting.

The game has 25 levels, including a BOSS LEVEL. I’ve spend a lot of time and effort on making everything look great and smooth (just watch on some animations ;)). Game will automatically save your progress. Also, you can swap the palette on go (read menu part for that)!

 I hope, that you will enjoy it!


  • Arrows - move
  • Z/C - jump
  • X - double jump from evil essences
  • Enter/P - open the pause menu

Two main things, you need to know:

  • Look for objects with tint, they will help you or kill you. People miss those ropes a lot
  • You can double jump from evil essences, once you touch them

Speedrun mode

Yeah, I want to go through this quickly, there is a speedrun mode, build into the game! Once you kill the boss, you from the main menu can select any level, you want, and train on it.

The game also shows you your time and death count on every death. If you will speedrun it, let me know in the comments!

Mechanics (pss, spoilers!)

  • You can jump only from the ground
  • Trampolines launch you up into the sky
  • You can control your jump height, by holding the jump key longer/shorter
  • You can’t jump from ropes, only climb on them using arrows
    Keys / berries
  • You need to deliver them to the door/exit to make use of them
  • Once you use an essence, your screen becomes a bit more corrupted. This effect is being decreased if you wait, till the essence respawns.
  • You can dash from essences using X
  • Skulls die, when you use an essence
  • Essences respawn with time
  • Essences control the Dragon Fruit
  • Ice disappears when you touch it
  • It respawns after a while
    Invisible blocks
  • You can notice them, only if you are close enough to them
  • They will block your way, and will not let you fall/pass
  • Normal platforms bounce from blocks and destroy ice
  • Cloud platforms go through blocks
    Dart Traps
  • They shoot out bullets with the same speed, but always async
    Background Tiles
  • If you see, that some parts of the background are lighter than the other, that could mean, that you can stand on them


Huh, that was easy!

The pause menu

Screenshot from 2017-12-03 23-31-15.pngYup, this one

  • Continue Get back to the game
  • Next palette <3 change the game palette
  • Restart the lvl Restarts current level
  • To the last lvl Moves you one level back (not always aviable)
  • Reset progress BE CAREFUL! This option erases your save (except palette and boss flag). That means, that you will loose all your progress in the game.

General tips

  • Don’t try to go fast, you can always make it slower (unless you are in the speedrun mode)
  • Try to play with the palettes, strangely, but that helps to focus more on the content. I prefer the red and yellow one.
  • There is an options menu (activate it using enter), it contains a lot of useful stuff, as well as the palette settings


Is evil really so harmless?

Change log

  • v0.1d, v0.1f, v0.1e fix music not playing correctly
  • v0.1c noise is not so annoying now
  • v0.1b fixed kill() method issues, replaced default palette
  • v0.1 Initial release for the compo
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
Made withPICO-8
Tagsceleste, hardcore, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 40, PICO-8, Puzzle-Platformer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksLudum Dare


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celeste 2: electric boogaloo


It's very beautiful! The graphics is fantastic!


the graphic is so confusing


A cool remix of Legend of Zelda, Super Mario and Megaman in my opinion...


The game is really good but the standard palette should be a different one ^^

Hehe, everyone tells that :D What palette should it be, then?


the green palette is really pleasing^^


This is soo much fun. Gj you made a great game 😀

Thanks a lot ;)


The game mechanics is good, but the color pallete hurt my eyes so much.


It reminds me The End Is Neigh.
Interesting game, however I'm finding two major issues with it.

1. The graphics are quite messy. I often miss what is what. I'd suggested to move all these moving particles into the background and and give them darker color.
2. Is it only me, or there is a serious input lag?


* With colors: I've used only 3 colors for the whole game. Tho, you can change them in the pause menu (press enter). There are some more contrast themes.

* Lag: maybe, that's the issue with your browser :X Anyway, I'm adding binary builds today ;)

(1 edit) (+1)

Three colors for the whole game, you say?
Kinda like one of my projects for Color Scheme Jam -
However I'm gonna have only three colors at once, and they will change between the stages.

Released a lil patch.


What else I can advise you is to make palette change option not return you to the game. It's pretty annoying to press enter, down arrow and X repeatably.

Oh, I'm really sorry, but I can't change anything here :X Because this stuff is handled by the PICO-8 it self. But yeah, I would love to see that in the further PICO-8 releases. Thanks for the tips ;) 


Excellent entry, Egor! Love it.


Thanks ;)  Without your ideas, it wouldn't be so great :D