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nice (:


Very good


Nice game :)

Made a short vid:)

Nice game! Suits the christmas theme 10/10


good game i like 10/10


*BONK* 10/10

Very confusing movement. Good game. 6/10

(1 edit) (+1)

Best Santa simulator of 2020.

I really enjoyed this. I always liked those ice puzzles in pokemon games, so this reminded me of them. I'll have to replay to see if I can get all the secrets!


I wish there was a YouTube walkthrough to this game so I wouldn't miss any spots and continually fail at the lost woods thing.

I'm sorry about this, it was a bug, I've just uploaded a fix for it!


Sweet game!


When in the lost woods, it doesn't seem to be possible to get to the [secret], as moving up *bonks* you to the bottom entry point regardless of where you do it from

Santa's work is never done!

Yeah, sorry, got some reports of this bug, will fix shortly! It broke after i've tested this segment so many times, ugh.


All fixed! Just completed a bonkless run ;)

Yeeehaw, did you save a screenshot by any chance?



WR so far :)


very good game


Felt like being back in Zelda1 only at Christmas time! :)

I'm glad, that was the intent & biggest inspiration :)





every pine tree needs a present

*knock knock*


you have bonked infinite times