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Android link doesn't work

Can anyone tell me the solutions to 4-7 and 4-12? I and several other people could not figure it out. In 4-12 it seems like I'm missing a mechanic or something.

Hello! I'm wondering if the .p8.png file for this is available somewhere? I didn't see it on Lexaloffle but I'd love to add it to my retro handheld to play!


Sup, mate! This game isn't a PICO-8 one, even tho it uses the same palette! It is written in Love2d :) It is still opensource tho!

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man i can't play it right
everytime i press the G button it doesen't jump (i switched the controls to wasd and g h, but arrows had the same error)
but sometimes it jumps
same with the shoot button (H)

edit: oh also, does is work with a gamepad?

That's sad, mate, maybe reinstalling it would fix the controls, I do not remember where the progress/settings are saved. And yes, it supports gamepad

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Крутая игра, она очень динамична и главное имеет отмосферу, что в играх уже редкость. Но советую сделать эту игру для андроид

Everything is a mess.


What can I say that hasn’t been said in this comment section? Really beautiful, one of the smoothest platform experiences I have had, bonus point for open source.


Should be arrows + x and z or c



Hi. I'm trying to run this game on Kubuntu, but it opens a window with a Balloon with a string with the message "No Game". What am I doing wrong?

I'v made it! I was able to run the game calling 'love path/to/the/game'
But I have a little problem. The all buttons but left and right don't work always, I have to tap the jump button many times and it rarely works.

Sorry, mate, no idea what's going on at this point, this is such an ancient project, probably an issue with love2d changes, the game was first written for 10.0 if I'm right. Pros for using linux, tho, the game was made on it too :)


Thank you for your reply.


I made a review of your game for my series "The First 15"! Link is down below, and keep up the good work!


You should put the open source tag and / or sourcecode tag!

Added, thanks!


Love this! It plays beautifully and the art is absolutely stunning

reminds me of Towerclimb


Arrows + x,c,z


Any way to get full screen in this?

I think there was smth in settings?

I checked, but there's nothing there for screen options.

Hi, I'm looking for tutorials to make a game in love 2d that's why I'm asking where did you learn love 2d to make this game ?

Man. Any programming topic: google it. Love2d has so many tutorials. I personally came from PICO-8/SDL2/SFML and that helped me a lot.

Hi, I can't seem to run it on Ubuntu 1.9. Do you have any idea what might be causing it? I'm running it through app launcher and it doesn't seem to find executable file to start the game

Hey man, I think you need to get love2d (you can apt-get it), to run the game. Sadly,.that means, you have to launch it by hand, and not from the app :/

I think I found what the problem is. It’s because has DOS-style line endings. It tries to append the carriage return character to the interpreter path at the beginning and obviously fails, because there is no such file.

You can resolve it by just converting to UNIX-style line endings using a text editor of your choice (most text editors can do that).

Is this really made with PICO_8?

No, its made with love2d, but with pico8 palette, as stated in the description :)


Good game

Thanks <3

Deleted 4 years ago

Thanks :D

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I cant seem to load the linux version. I've installed it from, but I keep getting the message: LÖVE not installed, please install from when trying to run ./ any ideas mate?


EDIT: I figured it out mate. It was me. i never did a sudo apt install love


this game is so tight. Would love to compose for any future projects you’re working on.


Bought it. I paid $15 and got source code. Good work.

Thanks a bunch :)


Really lovely game!! So much content, and so many things to do.


Hey Egor,

I just got Pico-8 and it reminded mme of this game. Have you ever thought of using random generation for games?

No, I've been hand-making all 100+ levels for this game. But we are planning some procgen for the next project!


I've try ty use a Xbox 360 gamepad for play, but it don't work. Do you have a solution?

Yup, the release version will have this issue fixed. Planning to get it out on 30th. 


okay! Thanks ^^


Great work on the demo so far! I just played for a while into the explosive levels, then I decided to buy the game and wait until a later version.  The jump controls are a little squirrely, and the hitboxes often feel a little unfair, but there are a lot of good ideas here. I'd like to see more variety in music, and a fullscreen option (I'm using Borderless Gaming as a workaround). I've been playing this on my TV with PS4 controller.

Thanks for the feedback ;) I will add not pixel-perfect full screen mode in the next update (comes really soon)! About the jump controls, what seems wrong in them? Maybe in-air movement feels strange?


Music is going to be changed a lot, and should contain more variety :D


Awesome as always! Keep it up.

Thanks :)


Very nice game! I've try the demo and it's very nice! But how do you export PICO-8 games to Android?

Haha, it's not a pico-8 game! It is written in love2d, but I used pico-8 palette + darker some colors. The screen is a bit wider, the pico-8 resolution (pico-8 display is 128x128, mine is 192x128).


How okay ^^'

Thank's for your reply! Your games are awnsome!

Thanks :)


Egor, this is a lovely game. I'm amazed at how quickly you put this together.
Fantastic work, bud!
I hope it does well for you.

Haha, thanks a lot, Roy!