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is this 16x16? having hard matching up tilesizes

It is 8x8


I recommend you to add 8x8 tag

This is a great tileset, love the pixel art! I used this in a game recently, just wanted to say thanks for putting this art out there!


love your style. it's so detailed and then the nearly paper like animation. you can almost hear them floop

this pixel art is the best


Woah this is really cool, it's perfect for the type of game I am making. Thank you so much!


Hi there :)
I really like your pixel art. And those colors look really nice!
Could I ask which palette you used for this and Burning Knight? ^^
Thanks in advance!

It's called endesga64!

epic i like them

the "take a look at this asset pack" isn't a link... is that just me?

Not just you. I found the link by looking through the authors other work:

I'm enjoying the style very much!

Hi, can you please tell me which palette you use? You're amazing at drawing!!! (Sorry for my English)

This is ENDESGA 64

Thanks. You're the best!

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I made a game using your tileset, it's very cool. I got the characters too but I've not got that in the game yet.

Goblin Golf

Oh boy, looking nice, love me some golf :)


So cool!


do you have complete tileset for download?, I wanna create the escenary for my project and i love it this tile set but is not complete for download. And you can tell me what is the number of pixels?, for example: 32x32 or 64x64.

Why do you mean it's not complete for download? It's fully complete, it includes an example map, and other people made some maps with it :) The tile size is 8x8, maybe that's the issue?

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Yes! Thx, I really love your job. Excelent art. :´)

are these commercial use free ?



thx so much !!!


Great job


Great set! keep up the work!


Thanks mate, I will!


Thank you!


woah, these are amazing! Do you plan to add few characters?


I think I will make a separate pack for that, and thanks!


That would be sooo cool if you could make one in the same art style

This looks amazing!

Expect something on the next week then


Here you go, guys, just finished this one: