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oh my god... i played this game a few years ago on Armor Games and loved it, and now i find it here... the music is soo good, it stuck with me since the time i played it. really adds to the experience. the game is great too!


Thanks, makes me really happy to hear that <3


Cool game!


Loved it! ...Boy those retro effect white lines were quite annoying

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Does is say "You fall asleep"?

It does!

Yay, I could read it


I really liked the game a lot, but what has it to do with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?

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Hi, there seems to be a problem with the web and downloadable versions of your game, as no matter which way I turn the first switch, the corresponding gate will not open, unlike what was shown in the video in the comments :p

Ah, I'm so sorry :X Fixed now.


Hi egor, I managed to finish the game, thanks to your update :)

I liked the fact that even though there are only 2 types of creatures and 1 boss creature to fight, you managed to make each encounter varied, and that maze near the end was quite mind-bending to make my way through, making it satisfying when I found the correct path :)

The music was simple and nice, plus it matched the pixellated atmosphere rather well :D

Thank you for letting me play your game, and I look forward to playing more of your games in the future :)

Thanks for your help with debugging ;) Working on a large game at the moment :D


Oh, is that so? Do let me know when you need help testing it :)


I can't find anything except a key, a switch, and a gate that won't open...

You need to turn on the switch, to open that gate. Watch the vid down in the comments ;)


I love the music


That was super fun and cute! I really like your short, challenging action games! (:

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I've just played "The Pixel Bro" and thought it was really good. I enjoyed it so much I did a map for you.

If you want me to do a video then let me know and apologies for the map as it was just a straight screen print but be carefull when you hit screen second left on the bottom (2,4) as going left will repeat the screen before you hit the big room on the bottom left.

Wdit: I played the game 3 more times, 1 just to play it then I tried to record a video with the software for the video card and it didn't work, so I played it for the erm 7th time and used the windows 10 recording facilities and it recorded and here is the video.

Bloody Awesome
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Woah, thanks a bunch for playing! I probably should make a full HD map... Added binary builds, they should be easier to record.


Thanks for adding the binary builds. I'm going to visit pico8 today as there are a couple of nice little games I want to play and do some more mapping and walkthroughs. Good luck with all your projects.