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The game is just too difficult. Perhaps you can also make it more clear what each power up unlocks. Also, play some sound effect when the player unlocks shooting.


I enjoyed the game very much, a challenging bullet hell that was tough to get at first but once the powerups started falling I hit a good groove making it past my previous best. Love the name!

Hey, it is pretty rad! But why no special music when you get the star? ;-)

Yeah... Sorry... I realized that I forgot to do that just after the jam ended :(

You have to press the x longer/many times.

I think it's too difficult (for me) especially since I can't shoot most of the time. Maybe always start with the shooting power up? Other power ups don't matter as much. Perhaps you should explain what the various power ups do.

I like the graphics and 8 bit soundtrack, really pretty.

Press X doesn't seem to work, so I can't try the game :c