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Nice game, I like it :)


Great game! Reminded me a bit of VVVVVV and You Have to Win the Game. Having a character auto-jump is a neat idea to change the pacing of a platformer.


Love the art :)

Thanks :)


Really cool game, I wanted to play more but I got stuck on the room with the semi-solid platforms that have eniemies you need to kill, I got stuck on the top of the screen and there is no way down or way to restart

Hey, super sorry about that, I think that was pre-final level? I'm going to push a fix to that problem in a few minutes, really sorry :x


Really great game and concept. The sprites are simple and efficient, really enjoyed it. I haven't been able to finish it but I'll definitely try again later. 


Thanks for making this game, was a lot of fun to play and the graphics look very nice. Unfortunately, I think I got soft-locked at this spot though, as a door ate my key but did not open :(

Hey, super sorry for that, just pushed an update that fixed this one :x

Just had this happen too me to.

There should be an extra key, did you find it? And in the last patch that door should be not near the edge of the screen, so it doesnt it the key.