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I always love me some PICO-8 games, and this one is no exception. Super fun endless runner with a ton of replayability. The retro vibes also make this game that much better.

My only small issue is that the player doesn't automatically move backwards with the screen, so it feels like he moves super fast to the right and slower to the left. Again it's only a minor issue and it didn't affect the game too much :)


this was fun! however, i really hope i don't have to do this in real life. also, this game would be better without the pineapple, yuck! :P

Well, I can't make everyone happy :D We love pizza, and that's good. Pineapple doesn't matter!


Agreed, was only joking (:


Wow! The whole "emulator feel" made this game feel very retro. I enjoyed it! I will say however that the physics felt a bit sluggish, especially with the jetpack thing.

Thanks :) I made the jetpack hard to control to make the game not so easy. I hope, that it's not too hard :D


Ah, that makes sense. Maybe bump up the acceleration speed? I don't know. Great game though!